Our vision, main missions and daily goals are to secure all bikes especially those from our community. Combining various proven solutions, we have created an ultimate tailor-made bike security service.

Our motto is “Smart, Safe, Simple… Every ride with bikeys is a heaven of peace!”

Few millions stolen each year in Europe.

As cycling is becoming more and more popular in Europe, bike theft is a real plague nowadays. Indeed, between 2.5 million and 3 million bikes are stolen each year across the 5 largest European countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany and UK. There are around 500,000 malicious cases in Netherlands and 35,000 in Belgium. But these are based only on the official figures reported from police records. Reality might be even higher than that.

According to surveys over European cyclists, one-third had been victims of bike vandalism or theft. As a result, this annoying situation is alarming, stressful and uncomfortable for all cyclists.

For instance, used by itself, most common basic bike protection accessories available on market such as padlocks are not sufficient enough to tackle this growing distressing phenomenon. Used on its own, they only delay for a few seconds these thefts which can happen everywhere, including inside our home building.




Join us to benefit from our all-in-one services… Smart, Safe, Simple!

| About us

bikeys is an innovative platform based in Europe offering various complementary bike security services dedicated to cyclists.

You will find everything you need to secure your beloved bicycle. Our ‘all-in-one’ packages are the most efficient solutions to fully protect your bike making your bicycle journeys smart, safe and simple.

Therefore, our day-to-day focus is to enhance your trouble-free bike experience with our proactive support services. Smart, Safe, Simple!

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Bike riders on a daily basis, we are passionate with cycling, innovation and entrepreneurship. We appreciate and value the sense of freedom, justice and respect. Fully loyal and committed, our experienced teams provide the best suitable solutions to protect you and your valuable bike. For instance, we work hard every day to deliver a solution-oriented service to support you whenever you need.

Smart, Safe, Simple !