A tool that identifies your bike as actually being your bike and provides you with police-recognized proof of ownership.

How it works?

• Via a QR code stuck on your bike in duplicate and which contains a unique identifier registered in your name.
• These stickers will not damage the frame of your bike and are tear, UV and weather resistant.
• Via an app on which you can find your proof of ownership.
• Contains all the information about your bike.

Proof of deterrent property against theft and concealment:

• Which allows the declaration to the police in the event of theft.
• Who is recognized by insurance companies.
• Who registers your bike as being stolen.
• Which allows anyone (police, repurchaser or otherwise) to verify if they are dealing with a stolen bicycle.

Where to get your VELO-PASS?

In your bicycle store. For only € 16, your bicycle dealer will stick the QR codes on your bike and register your bike. You just need to activate your data in the mobo app.