Discover the sense of serenity

The cyclists' feeling of fear.

Are you a daily urban commuter or a cyclist who enjoy riding your bike on weekends? More than a basic way of mobility, your bicycle must represent your lifestyle. To go out, shopping, chilling and working, your bike should be vital for you!

You must feel concerned with bicycle thefts that have dramatically increased over the last years everywhere in Europe.

Over 100 bikes are stolen daily in Belgium.

This annoying situation that occurs in all major European cities is stressful for many bike riders.

More than 35,000 bikes are reported stolen every year in Belgium officially. Market observers estimated this real plague above 100,000 cases at least. One reason is that the basic cycling accessories such as padlocks only delay for a few seconds these thefts which can happen everywhere, including inside our home building.

Most of the Belgian cyclists are willing to have their bikes safe and even more protected.

With bikeys, you will enjoy every bicycle journey with a heaven of peace

Discover the sense of Serenity

You are at the right place. Welcome to you at bikeys, an innovative service dedicated to security services.

Our major mission is to secure all the bikes that belong to our community. Indeed, we have created the ultimate bike security service. Our all-in-one packages and solutions are the most efficient way to fully protect your favorite bicycle.

Smart, Safe, Simple !

2 thoughts on “Discover the sense of serenity

  1. Hi, do you have any figures and statistics regarding the boom of bike thefts in Belgium ?

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for your message and question.

      Between 2.5 million and 3 million bikes are stolen each year across the 5 largest European countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany and UK. There are around 500,000 malicious cases in Nederlands and 35,000 in Belgium.

      On Belgian market, 23% of the bikes are locked improperly, more than 100 are stolen per day, over 35,000 are reported stolen yearly, and less than 2% are returned to their owners.

      We will post soon more in-depth information with the latest stats and figures regarding bike thefts in Europe. Feel free to read our mission via and follow us.

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