Smart, Safe and Simple are more than 3 words

Slogans and baselines are keys to determine what values a company shares and spreads out on its environment. At bikeys, our motto is “Smart, Safe, Simple!

These three basic words are our leitmotiv.

Do you know what each word really means for us?

Smart /smɑːt/
intelligent, or able to think quickly or intelligently in difficult situations

Safe /seɪf/
where something is not likely to be lost or stolen

Simple /ˈsɪm.pəl/
easy to understand or do; not difficult

Cambridge Dictionary ©

Our inspiration, concept and values

According to us, Smart, Safe and Simple are more than 3 common words used every day by everyone. Indeed, we make it as an amazing global concept to drive us.

First, we believe that putting these words all together can be powerful and change the world.

Second, these represent our mission statement. They establish our guidelines and day-to-day actions.

Moreover, it is our dream to lead all our members into this state of mind: just feeling simply safe and smart.

In this way, we wish you can join us to make these words meaning even more as becoming a truly magical reality.

Take care of your bike and see you soon!

Smart • Inteligenta • Intelligent • Slim • Fiksu • Klug • Inteligente • Inteligentna • Intelligens • Умный • Inteligentny • Εξυπνος Safe • Sekura • Sûr • Veilig • Sikker • Säker • Varma • Sicher • Sicuro • Seguro • Varno • Biztonságos • Безопасно • Bezpieczny • Ασφαλής Simple • Facila • Facile • Gemakkelijk • Let • Lätt • Helppo • Einfach • Fácil • Enostavno • Könnyen • Легко • Łatwy • Ανετα

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